Academic Editing Services

Editorial Skills, Services, and Experience:


  • Proofreading, copy editing, and formatting dissertations and theses, articles, books (monographs, anthologies, collections of critical essays), reviews, and CVs

  • Stylistic editing and structural revision for any kind of academic manuscript

  • Experience preparing book manuscripts, articles, and reviews for press (e.g. applying publisher’s citation, formatting, and style guidelines to a manuscript)

  • Experience compiling and formatting bibliographies

  • Extensive experience working with clients (professors, graduate students) whose native language is not English

  • Experience coaching expository writing in general humanities subjects

  • Experience tutoring English as a Second Language (ESL) 

  • Some (and currently developing) familiarity with Latin, German, French, and Hebrew

  • Publication experience: I have authored multiple papers in top philosophy journals and am familiar with how to negotiate peer-review and revision processes. I can also coach clients in the art of book reviews and review essays

  • Current copy editor for Philosophers' Imprint (an academic philosophy journal) and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  • Solid familiarity with Chicago, MLA, and APA citation guidelines as well as a variety of standard reference styles (e.g. author-date)

  • Capable of providing content-related feedback on a selection of academic topics in the fields of philosophy and English literature

  • Some experience with proofreading scientific articles and theses (mostly for spelling and grammatical errors)

Fees and process of feedback: Please contact me for details.