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About me

I grew up in Seattle. It remains my favorite place in the world. I took a gap year before attending college at Johns Hopkins. During that year I worked at The Loft, the writing center at North Seattle Community College, where I developed an interest in editing, tutoring, and writing pedagogy.

After a three-year stint in the PhD program in philosophy at Yale, I rejoined my partner in Maryland, completing my doctorate at Hopkins in 2022. 

Philosophy is not my only intellectual passion.  Just try to stop me from rattling on about art, art history, or the American Civil War.

I cherish the conscientious work of editing; the spellbinding activity of scholarship; and the excitement and humanity of teaching.

But to get down to the basics. I'm obsessed with cats—especially mine, Bun Bun and Molly. I am blown away by trees. I am committed to coffee. I linger over lapsang souchong tea and smell burning ceremonial incense, incapable of resisting anything with an earthy, resinous scent. I am enlivened by fall foliage and crisp, cool weather with clear skies.