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About me

I grew up in Seattle. It remains my favorite place in the world. I took a gap year before attending college at Johns Hopkins. During that year I worked at The Loft, the writing center at North Seattle Community College, where I developed an interest in editing, tutoring, and writing pedagogy.

After a three-year stint in the PhD program in philosophy at Yale, I rejoined my partner in Maryland, completing my doctorate at Hopkins in 2022. I taught for a year in the University Writing Program at Hopkins before accepting a position as a Tutor at St. John's College in Annapolis in 2023.

My intellectual interests tend to be refracted through philosophy. But I am a widely and passionately curious person. I believe that almost anything can become interesting and enriching if you probe and engage it with resolve and with the right patience and adaptivity. To be sure, I have my own "pet" interests too: just try to stop me from rattling on about art, art history, or the American Civil War. 


Fundamentally, I connect to the world as a writer and a reader, and to persons as an audience and empathizer.  I cherish the conscientious work of editing; the spellbinding activity of scholarship; and the excitement and humanity of teaching.

But for the truly important stuff: I'm obsessed with cats—especially mine, Bun Bun and Molly. I am blown away by trees. I am committed to coffee. I linger over lapsang souchong tea and smell burning ceremonial incense, incapable of resisting anything with an earthy, resinous scent. I am enlivened by fall foliage and crisp, cool weather with clear skies.

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