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Zachary Gartenberg

Scholar, Editor, Writer

Greetings. Welcome to my site!


I am a PhD candidate in the Philosophy Department at Johns Hopkins University. I spent the first three years of my doctoral studies at Yale University.

I study the history of philosophy. I focus mainly on early modern European thought and particularly the work of Baruch Spinoza. But my published research covers thinkers from the medieval period to the nineteenth century. I believe that there are many interesting ways to study philosophy, its history, and its connection to other forms of inquiry.

In addition to being a researcher, I am an experienced editor of academic writing.  I help scholars and studentsparticularly non-native English speakersproduce polished, grammatically correct, stylistically compelling, and structurally sound manuscripts. I assist my clients in molding their work according to their intended audience and argumentative and expository aims. 

I welcome questions about my academic projects as well as (and even more so!) the opportunity to learn what others are thinking about. I also welcome inquiries about my editing services. Please feel free to contact me